DSF Coaching Conversations

Se1 Ep8 Charlie Ashford - Director of Performance Nutrition at The University of North Texas

April 2, 2019

How do you fuel over 350 athletes and establish great nutrition habits as they perform and recover at home and on the road?

Welcome to DSF Coaching Conversations Series 1 Episode 8 with Charlie Ashford, Director of Performance Nutrition at the University of North Texas.


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In this episode we hear about:

➡️Charlie’s approach to education and empowerment of nutritional principles with both the athletes he sees face to face on a daily basis, and also for the athletes on other teams at the university

➡️The creativity and autonomy that is essential to establishing great nutrition habits and discipline with the athletes 

➡️The importance of seeing the bigger picture, for the athlete and for yourself as a practitioner.


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Link to article mentioned in the episode: Charlie Ashford: Texas Tales

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