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Se1 Ep 12 Dan Buchanan - Director and Soft Tissue Therapist at GoPerform

April 30, 2019

How do you launch and grow a Performance and sport medicine community with people from all walks of life? What makes that community special, and what characteristics of the staff help cultivate that culture?


Hello and Welcome to DSF Coaching Conversations Episode 012 with Dan Buchanan – Director and Soft Tissue Therapist at GoPerform in Reading.

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In this episode we discuss:

➡️The approach and personality of the GoPerform staff

➡️The culture, environment and community that has grown organically in the first 18 months of being open

➡️Lastly, the plans for the future of GoPerform as it’s community continues to grow


This is the final guest conversation of series 1 of the podcast. Next week, I will be publishing a bonus episode, number 13 as a highlights episode for the first series – which is exciting.

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GoPerform can be found on Instagram (@goperform), Twitter (@goperformuk) and Facebook (@GoPerformReading)

Find out more about the Sport Medicine and Performance Conference at GoPerform in May here




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