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Se1 Ep2 Matheus Bachi - Assistant Coach of Brazil

February 22, 2019

In this episode we are joined by Matheus Bachi, Assistant Coach of Brazil. Matheus and I played in the USA together in 2013, and now he forms part of the coaching and technical staff for Brazil. 




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In this episode we discuss:

➡️How Matheus and the other staff joined a Brazil team that was underperforming and struggling. 

➡️How they began to build trust with the players, built their culture, and embedded their characteristics within the squad. 

➡️Their experiences in Russia, how every player and member of staff gave their all - including Neymar who was not 100% fit. 

➡️The bitter disappointment of losing in the semi-finals to Belgium, and how they are now moving forwards into their new cycle. 


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