DSF Coaching Conversations

Se1 Ep5 Jon Alty - England U21s Physiotherapist

March 12, 2019

DSF Coaching Conversations Episode 005 is with Jon Alty who is a Physiotherapist working with England U21s. Jon was a part of the support staff as the England U20s won the World Cup in 2017 and has now moved up with the group. 

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In this episode we discuss:


➡️Jon's experiences in football, cricket and synchronised swimming as he has learnt how to adapt his delivery and communication style based upon the athletes that are in front of him

➡️How he learns about the athlete’s personality and motivating drivers in order to build a relationship and connect with them on a human level, to get the coveted ‘buy in’ from the athletes

➡️The importance of self-management, and creating an environment of trust, value and challenge as everyone in the team drives each other forwards


Jon can be followed on twitter (@jonalts)


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