DSF Coaching Conversations

Se1 Ep7 Scott Hann - Director of Coaching South Essex Gymnastics Club

March 26, 2019

How do you ensure success breed success and what experiences can you share from coaching over 40 medalists in gymnastics?

DSF Coaching Conversations Ep 007 is with Scott Hann, Director of Coaching at South Essex Gymnastics Club, and personal coach to international gymnasts Max Whitlock, Brinn Bevan, Reiss Beckford, Jay Thompson and Tommy Nicolaou.

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In this episode we hear about:

➡️Scott's coaching and communication style, and how he builds a relationship with each gymnast to cultivate a mutual respect.

➡️How he creates an environment at the club for learning, growth and success for both the gymnasts and the coaches

➡️How Scott has been legacy planning for years in advance for the club.


Scott can be followed on Twitter (@hannzed) and Instagram (@scotthann)


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