DSF Coaching Conversations

Se1 Ep9 Ellie Wilson - Footballer at London Bees

April 9, 2019

When it is you vs you, how do you ensure that you win and keep moving forwards towards your goals?


Hello and Welcome to DSF Coaching Conversations Episode 009 with Ellie Wilson, footballer with London Bees.


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In this episode we discuss:

➡️How to be disciplined and motivated to train like a full-time athlete while playing for a part-time club

➡️How to overcome adversity and continually reflect and build on your experiences in your career to perform at your best and keep striving for more

➡️What makes successful teams and how do you deal with the pressure of being at the top going for promotion?


Ellie can be followed on Twitter (@elliej_wilson) and Instagram (@elliej_wilson_)


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